About - Jake Burchmore

Jake Burchmore is a drone operator, photographer and filmmaker. He hopes to create awareness and education about a healthy environment through his work. Jake discovered his passion and skills in photography while studying abroad in Denmark as a Junior in high school. He recently graduated with a degree in environment and sustainability and business administration at Western Colorado University in May 2019. While studying at Western, Jake had the opportunity to continue his studies abroad. First traveling to Puerto Rico to provide relief in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Later, to Majkhali, India where he was part of a class that studied climate resilience and sustainable practices. He has a passion to document our world through his lens and change the lives of those living on this planet. Jake was born in Aspen, Colorado and moved to Telluride, Colorado when he was 7 months old. He accredits his upbringing in the beautiful surroundings of Telluride for his passion to protect our planet. Jake is FAA Part 107 Certified.        

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